Learn Computer Networking and Multimedia with Neicy Techno


Neicytechno.com is a website that provides tutorials and discussions about computer networks and multimedia. The presentation of information about the available content is very complete and interesting to learn.

Neicytechno.com focuses on discussing computer network technology, multimedia, and office administration. In addition, we also provide discussions in 2 languages, namely English and Indonesian.

There are several categories provided, including:

1.      Network

2.      Multimedia

3.      Tips & Trick

4.      Printing

5.      Vector

6.      Games

7.      Review

8.      Other…

Neicytechno.com always updates articles every day with very interesting and educational discussions.


Computer Network Tutorial which provides a discussion of basic networks, Mikrotik Routers, Access Points, and Internet Business. We discuss networking from the basics of the material so that visitors can easily understand every step of the learning process.

The network is divided into several parts, namely:

         Discussion of Basic Computer Networks

         Mikrotik Router Configuration

         Access Point Setting Tutorial

         Cisco tutorials

         Wifi Network

         Business Wifi Voucher

Discussions about computer networks are rarely done by many people. The reason, computer network science is very expensive. However, on the Neicytechno.com site, there are many tutorials that visitors can enjoy for free.

Visitors can learn computer network material for free. We also provide a discussion on the steps to make a very profitable Home WIFI business or business.


Multimedia discussions and tutorials are specialized in graphic design, animation, and their use in everyday life. Visitors can learn how to use applications that are used in making animation, graphic design, or making applications and games based on Android.

The tutorial on making games and applications based on Android is explained in full. Visitors can learn it from starting to look for ideas, preparation of materials, designs, concepts to the final result. All of that is discussed in different articles, with the aim of clarifying the material or content submitted.

Neicytechno.com Has expertise in studying Computer Networks and Multimedia. So that visitors can learn the material and tutorials that are already available completely and clearly.

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